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Simple Server Objects (ssobjects) are a set of classes meant to take the chore out of writing server and client applications that use TCP/IP for communicating. It provides a consistent and stable interface. All of the grunt work of polling or selecting sockets, desiding what socket sent what, calling send() again if all data didn't get sent etc, is all taken care of by ssobjects.

ssobjects was designed to be cross plateform compatible. You can compile ssobjects on Linux and on Windows. This makes developing client apps on windows and server apps on Linux a breeze.

The goal of ssobjects is to provide a consistant, and easy to use interface, to be well documented, and widely used.

Documented Objects

The objects listed below have been documented. All other objects are still listed so you can browse and see methods and such.

I have tried to document the most important objects first, and will continue documenting the rest as time permits.

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